Tone-Circle-Images and Song
The forming Forces of Sound

Singing is the original way of making music for pleasure and connects us entirely with ourselves and the world.

The exercises in the School of Uncovering the Voice from Werbeck-Svärdström and the School of Reformation of the Voice with Atmani form the basis for the song course. In this course we take a journey to experience the all-embracing beneficial and healing effect of song ...

Numerous phenomena may be observed in nature: whirlpools in a moving stream of water, sweeping patterns in the sandy bed of a river or on delicate mussel or snail shells. Which powers underlie these forms?

Cymatics (from the Greek kyma - the wave) considers this question with a new approach to science, ...

If we look at the stars in the night sky, we will notice time and time again particularly bright and colorful stars, which over time change their position in relation to the other stars. These are the so-called wandering stars, the planets of our solar system. We may experience that the planets follow different laws to the other stars. In this course we want to look at the planets in a new way. We will change the perspective and observe the movement interval of two planets...

Event Venue and Fees

EOS-Tagungszentrum Allerheiligen, 77728 Oppenau, Nordschwarzwald, Germany

Fee: 140,- Euro / reduced fee 70,- Euro , accommodation and meals not inculded.

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