International School of Cymatics

If we walk through the world with our eyes open and allow ourselves to take in the multitude of diverse phenomena around us, we cannot fail to be amazed at what our senses can perceive. We will notice the most beautiful creations and most wonderful events, even if we are initially unaware of their origin and how they came about - and the questions just spring up.

What causes, for example, the geometrical shapes of flowers in plants? How does the symmetrical construction of crystals come about? What has led to the way the human form is made up? 

Let us turn our attention to these questions, which requires a methodical approach, to consider the phenomena in depth and to be able to reach our own conclusion.

Welcome to the International School of Cymatics!

There are English subtitles. Es gibt deutsche Untertitel. Il y a des sous-titres français. Er zijn Nederlands ondertiteld. Hay subtítulos en español. Chinese. Russian. Japanese.

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