Atmani works as a composer, a painter, an author, a free researcher and a healer and deals intensively with the human voice – this has formed the focal point of his work and artistic endeavours for many years. He has studied composition in Moscow (Tschaikovski Conservatory) and elsewhere, has a diploma in Waldorfeducation and runs various training courses (School of Purifying the Voice, Healer Training – Anthropophonetics, Healing Singer, Logos-Gradualis School of Movement, Advanced Artistic Waldorf Pedagogy (Orphic-Musical Education). Atmani founded the “House of Song” in 2000 as an artistic and scientific research center in Hirschhorn and is the initiator of the World Cymatics Congress as well as the School for Cymatics.

He will make the ‘Suction Principle’ of sound come alive in song exercises and also give an introduction into the anthroposophically based consideration of Cymatics and of sound phenomena.


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