Atmani works as a composer, a painter, an author, a free researcher and a healer and deals intensively with the human voice – this has formed the focal point of his work and artistic endeavours for many years. He has studied...read on

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Dr. Gabriel Kelemen

Is an artist and researcher and teaches at the West University of Timisoara (Romania). In long-term studies, he has found a his very own way in cymatics. In addition to observation, for him the artistic understanding and...read on

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Prof. Georg Gaupp-Berghausen

Musician, author of books, professor of music, Master of Health Science (energy medicine), harmonist and researcher in the field of “Silent Sound”, experiences creativity as frozen sound. Professor at the Vorarlberg State...read on

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Dr. Ralf Tita

Dr. Ralf Tita is an engineer, computer scientist and publisher. He works in close collaboration with Atmani and organized the first World Cymatics Congress. Research work in the “House of Song”, under the direction of...read on

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Harald Hobelsberger

Harald Hobelsberger is an engineer, President of the Orphideum Association and leader of the School for Cymatics. His particular interest in Cymatics is in the creative power of words, as the English singer Margaret Watts...read on

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Michael Hailer

Michael Hailer is a eurythmist, Waldorf teacher and leader of the School for Cymatics. After the artistic study of eurythmics he switched to working at the Waldorf school as teacher of eurythmics and to self-management, where...read on

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Ilka Schmidt-Schenk

Ilka Schmidt-Schenk is a qualified orchestral musician and instrumental teacher, painter and leader of various song groups. As part of this, the School of Uncovering the Voice with Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström and in particular...read on

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Michael Seeberger

Michael Seeberger works at a Waldorf school as a class teacher and teaches technology in the senior classes. His interest in social forms of movement allowed him to help shape in-depth management roles at the School in the areas...read on

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