Tone-Circle-Images and Song

Singing is the original way of making music for pleasure and connects us entirely with ourselves and the world.

The exercises in the School of Uncovering the Voice from Werbeck-Svärdström and the School of Reformation of the Voice with Atmani form the basis for the song course. In this course we take a journey to experience the all-embracing beneficial and healing effect of song.

As a contrast to singing, we can study in Sound and Circular Images the fundamental appearances of movements of sounds or intervals. In the pictures formed by the music of leading composers, we will discover forms, which have an intrinsic link to the harmony of the pieces. Questions will arise, which we intend to investigate.

To get closer to these phenomena, we will first of all use simple experiments to observe the various appearances of vibrations and work through the concept of projection step-by-step, as well as study pictures from various composers. The theoretical part of the course is designed to be accessible even to the layperson.

In our own experimentation, and also using the eidophone (tonoscope) as well as sound and circular image pictures, we will get to know numerous phenomena of sounds.

The course is directed at those interested music and song. No particular previous knowledge is required.

course leader: Ilka Schmidt-Schenk, Harald Hobelsberger, Dr. Ralf Tita

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