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In autumn 2015, the International School of Cymatics was founded. The First World Cymatics Congress held in November 2014 in Allerheiligen (DE) has preceded the foundation. Around 170 experts and interested people from 16 countries met for a joint exchange, experimentation and artistic practice for four days. In order to give the work a continuity and a stronger system, the International School of Cymatics was founded as a free association of scientists and artists. The initiator of the school is the composer, researcher and teacher Atmani.

The courses, seminars, lectures and trainings, the new scientific method is to be experienced and mediated in such a way that one can work with it independently.

An essential component is the artistic perception of the cymatic phenomena. Thus, a deeper understanding can be developed in drawing, sculpturing, moving and singing. At the center of Cymatics, therefore, the active interaction is experimenting, artistically engaging and scientific finding.

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